Mike’s Trending Journal was founded by a feral cat in 1948 and predates the internet.  It is a common misconception among cat enthusiasts that the world wide web (www) was developed solely for the purpose of having somewhere to put this blog.  While this was certainly one factor, scholars maintain that the internet most likely was also created to provide a platform for cyber-bullying and pornography (sometimes at the same time).

The main entries in Mike’s Trending Journal are comprised of the author’s “hot takes” on current trending topics.  Due to the exhausting blandness of the blog’s creator, these posts are often written by a revolving staff of guest writers.  Notable guest writers have included The Lyrics From Tubthumping, one of the less famous Keebler elves, and Dame Judy Dench.  The main section of MTJ (called “Blog”) is updated weekly weakly and has been described as “confusing” and “lacking in substance” by some of the internet’s most widely-respected Twitter bots.

The other section of Mike’s Trending Journal is a series of reviews compiled by MTJ staff in an effort to inform the blog’s numerous followers of the existence and quality of restaurants, post offices, arenas, churches, and many other venues.  These reviews tend to be less expansive than the main blog posts and for this reason have been praised as “shorter” by countless MTJ fans.  The opinions expressed herein are not to be reused or rebroadcast without the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball.

So thanks for being here.  Strap in, strap on, and read some stuff with me.