10/3/2017 – Don’t Take Our Bats Away!

I suppose by now most of you have heard about the proposed rule change in Major League Baseball that would outlaw bats.  I’d like to take a minute and address this very important issue.

As seems to happen every time some lone DH hits a barrage of home runs, the far left field media has utilized recent events as an excuse to tout stricter bat laws.  Let me first and foremost express my sincerest condolences to the pitchers who have been affected by what happened last week.  The number of home runs hit on Saturday night in Colorado and New York are nothing short of tragic and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

That being said, if anything these events are proof that we need MORE bats, not to ban them.  Banning bats would not stop cheating teams from getting them.  And then what would we have?  We would have innocent players unable to protect themselves from high heat.  And I know that some people are going say sure but why would a player need a metal bat?  Metal bats are not designed for protection- they are only designed to inflict mass OPS metrics.  But just know this: if you start regulating the TYPE of bats someone can use, that is a very slippery slope and suddenly you find yourself trying to make contact on an 0-2 slider with a Wiffleball bat and then it is too late.

Bats are safer than they have ever been before.  Most modern bats have built-in safety features like handles and tape around the bottom of them for better grip.  Instead of avoiding bats, we should be educating people about them.  What we need to do is start cracking down on radical extremists like the Yankees.  99.9% of hitters are rule-abiding players and it is an overreaction to punish them because of a few bad Big Apples.

This is not a bat issue.  This is a player’s personal liberty and rights issue.  The MLB rulebook, which our entire league was founded upon, states very clearly that a player may use a bat to hit baseballs.  That’s why it is called an “AT-BAT”.  To restrict the use of bats would tarnish the very proud tradition and heritage handed down from Abner Doubleday himself.  And if we start regulating bat use, what next?  I suppose we should then outlaw gloves since it has been proven that missing a routine grounder can cause an infielder to become struck by a baseball.

It is time we faced the facts as a league, whether you are from the AL or the NL.  Nothing can be done to stop home runs from being hit.  It happens literally everywhere that people have an organized professional baseball league.  Stop twisting the issue to meet a specific agenda.  Don’t take our bats away.

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