Music Review: Sean Paul’s “Dutty Rock”

Hear you shout
Dutty them a tell them once again yow!
Sly them a tell them once again hey yow!
Sean Paul and we a tell them once again
Taxi haffi set the new trend

Whoah.  If you guys haven’t heard this guy Sean Paul yet, prepare to have your mind BLOWN.  If you aren’t sure if you are listening to Sean Paul, just wait a verse or two and he will surely say his own name, but like “Sean Da-Paul” because he is an innovator.  Many people at the bus stop I solicit refer to him as the Jamaican John Lennon, but I would venture that nickname does not even do him justice on account of Sean Paul is not dead.  And his music will make you feel very much alive- prepare to have your senses massaged into a thunderous 67 minute orgasm.

The first track, “Intro”, needs no introduction.  It grabs your earhole from the get-go and lets you know that you are in for a thrill ride of unintelligible lyrics and the most sincere form of half-rap music.  And if that doesn’t have you “passin’ the dro”, check your pulse.  This guy does not fuck around.  Mr. Paul has a way of painting a picture with his words in the same way that Van Gogh had a way of cutting ears off.

Dem a infector, disease collector
Nuff a dem a gwaan like dem waan come wreck ya
Dun out di part weh yuh got in yuh sector
Well yuh know yuh nah let dem guy deh affect ya, yo gal

If you punch these lyrics into Google Translate, the closest language it recognizes is Yiddish, which I’m pretty sure is not even a language!  I could write ad nauseam about the cultural juggernaut this album is sure to be, but I don’t want to ruin its unprecedented freshness for you.  Tell your friends about Sean Paul’s “Dutty Rock”.*

*editor’s note: “Dutty Rock” was released in 2002.  It is unclear how or why the author just found out about it.

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