McDonald’s- Paducah, KY

3 out of 5 stars.

Mixed bag. This location has a lot to offer, but seems to be biased against adults. Last Wednesday I stopped in to sample the dollar menu and pick up some ketchup packets for my home and ended up being discriminated against. I had decided to take a quick dip in the ball pit and no sooner had I gotten my shirt off and hopped in, some know-it-all on a power trip with a scrunchie keychain told me I was “too old” for the play area. I pointed out that I was easily taller than the minimum height line and had even refrained from complaining when the little shoebox cubby was only big enough for one of my shoes. He didn’t even glance at that little fat Howards boy, who I’m pretty sure peed in there. And then after I got home I accidentally stepped on a ketchup packet and my cat rolled around in it and now his fur is pink. I have never had this problem at other McDonald’s locations.

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