December 9, 2016: Kansas City Chiefs

One of the nice things about Thursday Night Football is that teams like the Kansas City Chiefs get some national exposure.  There’s only one game on that night, so even if you’re stuck with the Jaguars and the Titans, you’re going to watch it.  Fantasy football has turned even the most unappealing game into something relevant.  I’ve never been to Phoenix and have no emotional investment in their sports teams, but I’ll watch every down when I’m playing against David Johnson.  There’s always that brief moment when the projected score of a fantasy matchup is grossly distorted.  Like if there is one of those silly London games in the morning so only one player has scored but because Allen Hurns scored 18 points, you are suddenly projected to score 120.  Thursday Night Football does that, too.

The kicker here is that this game was actually relevant even without the benefit of imaginary competition.  The Raiders and the Chiefs played last night with first place in the AFC West on the line.  The Chiefs had a very Kansas City-ish performance: somehow managing to look mediocre while dominating the entire game.  This team doesn’t scare anyone, but they’ll end up being 13-3.  And there could be no more appropriate quarterback for this team than Alex Smith.  He is the epitome of Underwhelming But Better Than You Think.  He’ll never get out of the shadow of being drafted ahead of Aaron Rodgers, but he’s actually been consistently above average for years.  Vanilla thinks that Alex Smith is too plain.  “Game-manager” is a term that people use in lieu of “bad quarterback”, but in this case the quarterback is indeed a game manager.

And of course Andy Reid coaches this team.  Your team consistently exceeds expectations and is a play away from the Big Game but never quite gets over that hurdle?  That’s an Andy Reid team.  If Andy Reid wins 3 Super Bowls, his Wikipedia entry will still read “led Eagles to 2nd place finish” under career highlights.  He has more wins than Mike Ditka, Tony Dungy and Bill Cowher and yet somewhere Rodney Dangerfield is begging people to respect him.  He is the perennial conference Pro Bowl coach.

In conclusion, the Kansas City Chiefs are the type of team whose top-scoring fantasy football player is “team Defense.”  So, yeah.  I doubt that these topics are always going to be something that I actually am familiar with and have opinions on.  It is nice to get a sports-related theme early on prior to removing the training wheels.  Don’t let your dads eat pie.



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